There are 7 parts in this article!

1. Water

A: Cutting water in. 

1/2"  to the water supply(Above 40PSI). Need a ball valve for A. It is good to have a water pressure meter for this, but not required.  Demineralized water is good, but not required.

B: Cooling water out and overflow out 

1/2" to the drain

C: Cooling water in  

1/2"  to the water supply.  Need a ball valve for C. If the machine has an oil chiller, it is a 1/2 BSPT plug here.   

D: On the tank, there is a water overflow. This goes to the drain.

Here is an example for water supply.

Also we recommend customer to get a oil drain pan under the pump.

2. Air

The machine needs two air input.

3. Power, water and other requirements

power,water, air are hooked up by customer's guys or customer's contractors

Power Supply:
Pump: 480V AC, 60Hz, 100Amps, 3ph (If you use a transformer, please make sure there is 100Amps to the machine)
Oil chiller: 480V, 20Amp, 3ph

Air Supply(Requires dry air):
85PSI, 15CFM

Water Supply(Requires clean water):
I. Cutting water: 40psi - 120psi
ii. Cooling water: >8gal/min

Flat floor
prepare eight pieces of steel pad for the feet of the water tank and the table, 6 inch X 6 inch,  1/4 or 3/8 thickness.

Height clearance :
14 feet

Oil Chiller:

It needs 380V or 480V depending on the unit you received.  It needs 12-18 amps depending on the voltage.  Voltage requirement is cleared stated on the specification plate mounted on the chiller.  All 380V unit comes with a 480-380 transformer.

4. Floor Map

Please use the following link to download your floor map.

Pre-installation or Pre-located the machine as the floor map are welcomed.   As it saves the installation time and it will makes more training time.

5. Hydraulic Oil

prepare 30 gal AW-46 hydraulic oil

6. Way oil

1 gal Vectra 2 way oil

7. Pre-install  (download the file attached)

Pre-install will save set-up time and get more training time.

Bridge style and Fly-Arm style are different.