Waterjet machine has low pressure while the intensifier shifts normally

1. Check if there is any leaking in the water process flow
2. Check if there is enough pressure (consistent 45 PSI or above) for inlet water supply
3. Check if the small water pump (optional) is working normally
4. Check if it’s needed to replace orifice or water stream is not focused (change nozzle)
5. Check if there is any weep hole on end bell or end cap of intensifier (both oil and water). If leak water, It is time to replace the HP seal. If leak oil, need to change the LP seal.
6. Check if the inlet check valve working properly. If not working, the waterjet will return to the low pressure side. Also check the check valve main body and low pressure element.
7. Check if check valve outlet body is working properly, touch with hand to see if it is hot, if yes, that means the check valve is leaking on the high pressure side, change inset.
8. Check HP plunger. Remove both inlet/outlet check valve, make sure the plunger is not broken






Waterjet intensifier shifts slowly or does not shift.

1. Check if the orifice is clogged. If yes, change a new one
2. Check if the water flow is clogged.
3. Check if there is enough air pressure to turn of water valve
4. Check if springs in the magnetic sensor switch  broken(Proximity sensor).
5. Check if the sensors work properly by taking the magnet close to the green light with hand. If the lights turn on, it should be good.
6. If not shifting and oil pressure is high, remove the red light wire connectors on both sides of the solenoid shifting valve and use a screw driver to push the dots in the middle on either side to see if the pump can be shifted manually.If it shift manually, it means problem is on electrical control.  If it does not shift manually, it means problem is something stop it shifting on hydraulic/water  side.  
7. If manually shift does not work and nothing block the water flow. Check if the shifting valve is clogged or broken. This needs to be take apart. This is the link




Waterjet Pressure is normal or a little high, but cutting is slow.

1. Check if high pressure waterjet tubing is clogged.
2. Check if the nozzle is clogged, wear out or damaged.
3. Check if orifice is clogged, wear out or damaged. If orifice clogged, no water jet will shoot out, if nozzle is clogged, but the orifice is good, then water jet will shoot to the abrasive feeding line.
 Intensifier shifting too fast 

Too much fluctuation in water jet pressure

1. Check if water supply pressure is too low. Input water pressure constant above 40psi 
2. Broken orifice on cutting head

        3. Check if there is any leakage with check valve assembly (this is in the intensifier).  If yes, use the repair kit to fix it or even may need to change the check valve body. Check valve assembly leaking can NOT be seen form outside.  It is leaking inside.   If any of the check valves or tube is hot, this means leaking check valve. Any scratch/dent/crack on check valve body assembly parts will cause leaking Check valve leaking can also be diagnosed via hydraulic pressure gauge.

        4. Check if there is leakage at the End Bell. If there is water leak, change the           HP seal with the backup ring.  

        5. Check if there is oil leak at the End Bell. If yes, then you need to change the       oil-seal in the LP cylinder.

6. check  the check valve assembly,see if  all parts tight and installed properly. 
7. check the electrical sensor on intensifier, the bad spring or pin inside can              cause  the green light keep on.
8. check the piston plunger inside intensifier see if any damage.

The picture above shows a check valve assembly (In the intensifier)